Two buddies are Unemployed; time to get a job. Comedy - Storyboard Pro - 2023

AMV animatic segments.

"Watch Me Work" - Rannells & Mazzola
"Hollywood Dream" - Ayesha Erotica
"Love Game" - Lady Gaga
"WmW" and "HDream" use characters from Total Drama.

Apples and Oranges: A thief steals from someone much, much bigger than him. Action/Comedy - Storyboard Pro - 2023

College buds throw a rager in To: Vince, but the party takes a dark turn. Action/Drama
Storyboard and animation lead. ToonBoom.
Directed by Jingle Grigsby for Ball State University, 2022.

Man in the Moon: An astronaut relives her past. Drama - Storyboard Pro - 2023

I'm Angela Trusock, pronounced TRUE-SOCK, as in the opposite of fake shoes. I've been described as a 70s roller rink personified, but I have no idea how to skate.I'm a storyboard artist, storyboard revisionist, and animatic editor from good ol' middle-of-nowhere Michigan.The only thing I love more than storytelling is story destruction. Critique, editing, and revamping are the parts of storytelling I'm most passionate about.